Niemiecki „Auto Motor…

Niemiecki „Auto Motor und Sport” o Tesla Model 3:

The car is pretty in person, looks sporty and low. No obese-looking overhangs here. Not too many lines and creases result in a clean look.
Panel gaps vary from excellent to outrageously bad. [I think they mentioned this because it’s a known problem, though the car they drove looks to be a really good example]
The doorhandles are a bit finicky at first but they’re beautiful and aerodynamic.
The phone key and the backup card work well.
Doors sound solid on closing.
Super airy interior.
Comfortable seats that are easy to adjust to your liking.
Concerning the display: “You really have to get used to the on-screen controls but you can’t help but marvel at it, and in the end you’re able to find your way around it easily.“
Because there’s so much information displayed in one place your eyes keep wandering around the screen which can be distracting.
Tons of torque require a careful right foot when parking.
The ride is generally quiet and smooth but the car feels a bit clumsy over bumps.
Impressive performance from a stop.
Wonderful (!) handling, rather sporty character. Quick and precise steering.
The car feels like the future.

The article ends with this: “What’s most surprising about the car is just how good it feels. Serene interior, an abundance of power, a lot of range and a lot of space, though comfort was a bit disappointing. […] While others are just talking about it, Tesla releases their third EV. We’re eager to know when it’ll be available in Europe.“

Krótko, po polsku:
„+” Ładny, piękny, sportowy, doskonałe i precyzyjne prowadzenie, przestronny, komfortowy (siedzenia również), zrywny, cichy, czuć przyszłość
„-” Szczeliny potrafią się wahać (w zależności od samochodu) od idealnych do paskudnych, niezgrabne zachowanie na wybojach, natłok informacji na wyświetlaczu może rozpraszać.

German car magazine on the Model 3 from teslamotors

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